Triumf Group joins ALSE – Join the first brokerage company

This week, it has officially started trading on the Albanian Securities Exchange, ALSE, its fifth member company. It is about Triumf Group, the first Brokerage Company licensed by FSA to trade Government securities on Stock Exchange in June 2019. Triumf Group is the fifth member of the ALSE Stock Exchange and trades with full rights together with Credins Bank, American Investment Bank, International Commercial Bank and Tirana Bank. Triumf Group joined the ALSE on January 30 this year, as it officially started trading this week. According to ALSE, the membership of the Triumf Group is a novelty for the securities market, as it is the first Brokerage Company that links brokerage firms, securities custodians and Securities Depositors, only through the Bursa trading platform. The Albanian Stock Exchange started its activity in February last year, with the trading of government bonds and bonds. Since February 23 this year, ALSE is legally authorized to trade titles of private companies. However, the launch of trading for private companies will take a couple of months, because the ALREG Stock Exchange Registry should be licensed by the Bank of Albania as a payment settlement system.

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